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Glance may be the newest in Dating programs for Festival Hook-Ups

Glance may be the newest in Dating programs for Festival Hook-Ups

Have you been to a music event similar Coachella or Firefly and wondered exactly who that hot guy had been waiting ten feet out, singing along to each and every word of your favorite musical organization’s favorite track? Maybe you opted for not to go up and introduce yourself. But perchance you pulled out your Tinder application and swiped left through a bunch of prospective matches wanting to locate their photograph.

Should you believed frustrated at being unable to attach, or the nervousness had gotten the very best of you, don’t worry. A Dutch-based organization has established an event-based dating app for the festival-attendee marketplace – to satisfy the individuals you identified physically but failed to really get an opportunity to talk with.

Glance is the latest gimmick-driven online dating app hitting the exam market, and is currently in beta just during the Netherlands. But the business has its own sights ready on worldwide launch.

Glance permits you not only to locate people you could be interested in at celebrations, but if you intend on going, it may connect you up-over the app beforehand, so you’re able to arrange to meet up and hang out in person when you get there.

Hendrik van Benthem, president of Glance, calls this «event­-driven dating.» In a statement he explains: «We live in a society which consumers of services and products need significance. Precisely why do you change your intentions to a date that’ll probably change into absolutely nothing, in the event your big date may also arrive the place where you’re going to be anyhow, in the middle of individuals you feel more comfortable with?»

Glance is not only for festival-goers. The software is designed to get individuals launched whom want to end up being in one night-club in addition, also.

Glance established in May 2015 in Amsterdam combined with «leading associates through the occasion and enjoyment business.» The business owners behind Glance didn’t have any initial investors, and generally are financing the business by themselves. Claims van Benthem: «We chatted to various VC’s from the shows and Netherlands. Awesome to talk with those people. They operate on an alternative degree and now we discovered much. The number one knowledge was a meeting inside private jet of Dan Bilzerian. Nuts. But there never ever had been a match…»

Glance comes in the application shop for iOS and Play shop for Android os, and information is available on their internet site. It is at this time only available for occasions for the Netherlands nevertheless the business intends to release worldwide shortly.

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